A Fine-tuned Universe Statement

ID # 38This series was made in reaction to the media filled reports of the time about attempts to incorporate intelligent design into many school science curriculums especially in the United States.  Some people claim that intelligent design is a sound theory that counterpoints Darwin’s theory of evolution.  Their arguments, however, are not supported by the scientific community and are almost exclusively founded on their own personal religious beliefs. One of the main beliefs of intelligent design is that we live in a fine-tuned universe, which could not have possible have happened by accident.

In response to this, acting as an “intelligent creator” I began by creating artificial landscapes.  The images were created by experimenting with a variety of materials and techniques, creating artificial landscape and seeing what serendipitous image emerged.  I then scanned the result and selected a portion of the outcome to become the final image. Like the pictures we see of our own landscape, I am showing just part of the larger picture.