Private Universe Statement

Private Universe # 32I am giving another life to disposable materials, using items that are normally thrown away and become part of our landscape.  In the Private Universe series I have transformed scraps of bubble wrap, creating an altered reality for them by applying layers of material from nature to create individual landscapes that blend the natural and the synthetic. Certain bubbles are selected and scanned creating scanograms, which are then digitally printed, giving a macro view of the landscapes.

This series continues the recurring themes of illusion, dreamscapes and fictional worlds in my work.  Like landscapes we see in our daily lives, I am fusing organic and manmade materials to create otherworldly images that are somehow familiar and at the same time shroud their true origins. Litter goes unnoticed as part of the landscape.  These images show rubbish becoming the landscape, foretelling of a future world where finding the organic among manmade consumable items becomes difficult.  These alternate perspectives also document the evolution and degradation of the materials used as they persist long after the materials are forgotten.