Synthesis Statement

Ideas and situations are subject to individual perceptions, which are derived from social influences as well as psychological make-up. How things are perceived depend on the individual and their state of mind, hence the same situation or location can be seen in a number of ways. I became interested in showing the same space with different perspectives. To expand this boundary of altercation, I decided to shoot in the empty white gallery space that I would be showing in. In the final installation, I had a total of three projections: one in the center and two in adjacent corners, giving an added sense of distortion. These projections were connected, creating the illusion of one fluid image. Each of these projections had a separate sound track; so depending on where the viewer stood in the room they would hear one track more prominently than the others.  The documentation you see on this website is just a sample of this site specific installation.


Video on Right Corner
Voices:   Dahlia Mahmoud  and Rebecca Whittemore
Chanting:  The Gyuto Monks, Mahakla

Video in Middle
Voice:  Julee Holcombe
Music: John Harford – City of Gold
Poem: Louis Argagon, Poem written in the toilets with a knife on the wall.

Video on Left Corner
Voices: Delney Carbon, Julee Holcombe, Aleks Martray, Dahlia Mahmoud, Rebecca Whittemore
Music: John Harford – City of Gold